Employee rights and responsibilities

Did you know that you have specific workplace rights and responsibilities under the laws enforced by EEOC? The laws enforced by EEOC provide five basic rights for job applicants and employees who work in the United States. The laws apply to applicants, employees and former employees, regardless of their citizenship or work authorization status. Full-time,Continue reading “Employee rights and responsibilities”

10 tips to get a photographer job

Opening up to the job field doing what you like maybe one of the most complicated but rewarding tasks. Your talent can open many doors, but you need to keep an order to carry out your plans and that you can work like a professional. Here we will give you 10 recommendations that you shouldContinue reading “10 tips to get a photographer job”

Holidays & Celebrations in the United States

What is today national day? and what national day tomorrow? The United States, like other nations, reserves a number of days each year to commemorate events, people, or public acts. These holidays are typically marked by a general suspension of business activity and work, and by public and/or religious ceremonies. Technically, the United States doesContinue reading “Holidays & Celebrations in the United States”

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